Our History

Net Zero Enterprises is a merger of three companies and dates back to 1982. Net Zero Enterprises in its current form was founded in Sweden, in 2009. In 2012 we moved our headquarters to San Diego, CA. By applying a holistic perspective to capital intensive project development and asset development, as well as our proprietary Front End Loading Process, Net Zero managed to not only develop projects on time, on budget and in accordance to projected pro formas; Net Zero also managed to heavily increase value and mitigate risks beyond industry benchmarks.

The core of our business

At the core of Net Zero Enterprises, there is a drive to solve problems and contribute towards a sustainable future,  at the same time as we secure high profits. In fact, that is how it all started. We set out to develop new ways to address five, significant difficulties within the Cleantech industry;

solving 5 difficulties in the Cleantech industry:

    1. failures to deliver on time
    2. failures to deliver on budget
    3.  failures to deliver on target
    4. relying on single source solutions to power operations
    5. procuring little or no profit

    Our expertise

    We have 30+ years of experience and expertise within Front End Loading (FEL),  Asset Development, Private Equity, Investment Banking and Land Development. Our skills, combined with our intellectual property, trademarks, proven processes and established partnerships, enabled us to create the foundational processes that are at the basis of all of Net Zero's offerings. 

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