Following the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum, CLIMATECOIN CO2 is a new Crypto currency created for Climate change action. CLIMATECOIN Foundation's main objective is to invest in Renewable Energy projects and companies that make a real impact towards lowering the world’s carbon footprint. Net Zero Enterprises is one such company, and a preferred partner of the CLIMATECOIN Foundation.

Just like Bitcoin and Ethereum, CLIMATECOINS will be issued in a limited number edition, released into the high demand market of Crypto Currency ICO’s (IPO’s of the Crypto Currency Markets), which historically contributes to a strong appreciation  

How this works, is that CLIMATECOIN is giving a discount on its currency until October 23, 2017. The discount until then is 20%. This means that if you pay your investment with CLIMATECOIN, for which we will guide you through the process, you buy the coins and pay us in CLIMATECOIN currency, which means that you have no currency risk at all. We at Net Zero Enterprises  will then convert the CLIMATECOINS to USD instantly in order to get the equivalent capital plus the discounted amount to the company. Since you are now given a discount by buying the coins from CLIMATECOIN, we will still get the full value, 100% of the investment.


The following resources is available regarding CLIMATECOIN. We are here to guide you through the process if you need assistance. In order to receive the 20% discount you will have to purchase the CLIMATECOINS via Net Zero Enterprises.

VIDEO: Describes the new token for CO2
WHITELIST: Whitepaper form is to register the individuals/corporations that CLIMATECOIN is sending the coins to. It is only available before the token sale, until November 1st. Wallet number on where to send the CLIMATECOIN CO2 tokens has to be included. 
CONTRIBUTION INFO: A guide to the cryptocurrency market. Also includes instructions on how to create a wallet.