Net Zero Investing

We develop and invest in sustainable infrastructure opportunities. We focus on replicable projects that deliver exceptional risk-mitigated financial returns with high dividend yields.

The Net Zero Investor

As an investor with Net Zero Enterprises you have the possibility to invest at the same favorable terms as institutional and larger funds usually do. We are dedicated to generating large returns for all of our clients, small as large. Our investor retention rate of 95% is a number we are proud of. It is a result of constantly auditing ourselves and improving our process to continuously generate high returns and profitable projects, year after year. 


  • 97% of our projects deliver multiple increases in asset/enterprise value
  • 20-45% return in yearly dividends (paid out quarterly)
  • 1.6-7.5 times of average increase of asset/enterprise value
  • IRR returns  ranging from 30% to 85%