Net Zero, Combining Strong Returns with Environmental Responsibility

Originally posted on 11 / 08 / 2015, by Kim Forssell

Net Zero Enterprises invests in large-scale, capital intensive infrastructure projects that are both highly cash generative and environmentally-friendly. 

Our investment approach is built on the premise that investors do not need to choose between attractive financial returns and environmental responsibility.  The driver behind this is simple: resource-efficiency both lowers operating costs as well as environmental degradation. 

Net Zero drives resource-efficiency through leveraging existing, proven clean technologies that are profitable today.  These technologies are then clustered together synergistically where there are multiple resource streams to be managed.  By extracting the maximum efficiency out of every resource stream, we are able to achieve substantial reductions in both input costs as well as environmental damage. 

The attached e-book details how Net Zero’s unique approach to technology-driven resource management delivers strong financial returns for investors in its sustainable infrastructure projects.