Chairman & CEO

Kim is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, executive, and director with broad international experience. He has had much success in strategically identifying and securing new business opportunities, leading several companies as CEO, Managing Director, and Partner within both startup, heavily growth, and established business environments. His experience resides as CEO in the fields of asset development and capital intensive projects, management consulting, incubators, private equity and venture capital, market and business introductions, as well as founding or co-founding international companies such as Tenet Financial Partners, Plant Growth, Letuno, and Beeye. Kim’s experience in developing businesses from the startup and growth stages until final sale, has enabled him to become identified as a top executive and advisory board member within several different multi-national corporations. Kim has directed, worked with, invested along side, and advised companies such as Vattenfall, Fortum, Iberdrola, Ericsson, Huawei, Shell, Tata, etc. He holds two advanced degrees, an MS, in industrial engineering from KTH/Virginia Tech and an MBA in strategic planning from Harvard/Heriot-Watt.


Kim holds the property rights to Front End Loading, Private Equity, and Due Diligence processes and models. Kim has an extensive background within capital-intensive projects from the energy, land development, and telecom sectors. Prior to Net Zero Enterprises, Kim and his companies worked for several asset development companies and he developed and implemented the Front End Loading Process and investment process at Vattenfall. Vattenfall, over a 100 year old company and $60Bn in revenue, is one of Europe’s largest asset developers, generators of electricity and the largest producer of heat. Kim has been working as an investor, advisor as well as an investment board member and has been heavily engaged in numerous projects/investments ranging from $50M to multi-billion dollars. Kim’s projects and investments have typically been geo-located in the EU, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. He has primarily focused on waste to value , biogas, biofuel, water conservation and treatment, power production, renewable energy, land development, and telecom industries.

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